Sunday, January 25, 2015

We Were Liars- E. Lockhart- Clever, Charismatic and totally Compelling

I recently finished E.Lockhart's masterpiece, 'We Were Liars' and was blown away by everything the book had to offer: a unique style of writing, a constant linger of suspense and mystery, teen romance and a roller coaster of emotions. Once starting the book, I couldn't put it down, literally. Never have I read a book that caused me to cry with both happiness and grief at the same time.
I bought this book wanting a break from the more 'advanced' novels both my parents and teachers had suggested I read over the Christmas Holidays, thinking that it would be another simply written YA novel, but boy was I mistaken. I was instantly plunged into Lockhart's world of love, drama, friendship, mystery and mistakes. Intrigued by the quirkiness and the charm in its simplicity, I had no idea what was awaiting me.

'We are liars. We are beautiful and privileged. We are cracked and broken.'

Cadence is no doubt a member of the Sinclair family with her perfect blonde hair, piercing blue eyes and tall, thin figure. Being a Sinclair is hard, 'No one is a criminal. No one is an addict. No one is a failure.' Cadence wants to be different, wants to be herself and live without the expectations and pressure of her family. Every summer, the whole family reunite on their private island. However, during 'summer fifteen' Cadence is left traumatised after a horrific accident that she has no memory of. All she remembers of that summer is waking up on the beach, dressed in nothing but her underwear, and her feelings for Gat, another member of the 'Liars'. She has burning questions that no one is willing to answer, 'Silence is a protective coating over pain.' Cadence is determined to find some and after not hearing from 'The Liars' nor going to the island for two years, she returns to her family, to her grandfather, aunts and cousins, and to Gat. She is desperate to feel happy and be herself again.

The book is mainly set between the time frames of 'summer fifteen' and 'summer seventeen', the summer when Cadence learns the devastating truth, and the dark years after her accident. 

Even though I could go on and on about how much I love this book, I won't, 'cause I need you all to read it having no idea what to expect. I promise it'll be worth it.



  1. This is amazing- cant't wait to read it ;)

  2. Ooh looks good. I was recommended this by a friend and really want to read it.