Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Blog's Almost One Year Anniversary!

Hey everyone! 
I know it has been a while since I last posted a review but I have a reason. Before the start of my Christmas holidays, my mom bought me novels by Orhan Pamuk, encouraging me to read them as a change from all the YA novels I usually read. I agreed to give them a go and so started The Black Book. It's now 5th of January and I still haven't managed to finish it...

It's not that I didn't enjoy it or didn't find it interesting, it's just that I haven't read such literature before. To be honest, it's quite a heavy read and it takes me about 5 minutes to get through a page. Not to mention, it's quite a thick book, which in itself puts me off, but the font is also rather small. Let's put it this way, when I was in Year 5, I had just begun to realise that I really loved to read and so was eager to challenge myself and read an original Sherlock Holmes novel. The exact book was The Mysterious Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. I had started the book with great enthusiasm. However, as the number of underlined words increased and as I slowly realised that I was spending more time reading the dictionary than the novel itself, my enthusiasm and interest decreased. That's to say, I carried on progressing through the novel and found that I actually thoroughly enjoyed it. A similar thing happened in Year 6 when I thought that I could easily read Jane Eyre. I couldn't and so gave up, only picking it up again last year in school. So these are all anecdotes which hopefully have given you a vivid idea of how I felt while reading The Black Book. I will definitely try to read it again, that I can promise.

Obviously, I couldn't go to California for my holidays without a book in my backpack. As mentioned a couple of months ago on my @teenagereadsxo Instagram account, I have decided to take a break from the YA novels and read more advanced literature. This meant that instead of bringing another Morgan Matson or Patrick Ness book, I brought along Harper Lee's To Kill A Mockingbird with me. So far so good. 

I promise to write a review on To Kill A Mockingbird once I have finished it.

Happy New Year!
This is my mom's high school copy and so it's filled with notes and scribbles


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